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2023 CHAMPION Cole Bunderson

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The Wisconsin State Frog Jump is family fun event and was started back in 1956 by Earl Gramiling and Jane Abbott as a fundraiser to rebuild the community hall on Main Street that had been destroyed by a fire. Along with Bob Jefferies, and most recently Molly Courtney, they kept the tradition alive. If it had not been for these folks, we would not be here jumping frogs in 2022. The frog jump has become a cherished Dousman tradition and is based on the Calaveras County Jumping Frog Jubilee, in Calaveras County, California.

The Wisconsin State Frog Jump Record still stands at 19 feet 3.5 inches set in 1974 by Eric Carlson of Delavan and his frog Sam. The current World Record was set in 1986 by Rosie the Ribeter at 21 feet 5 and ¾ inches at the Calaveras County Jumping Frog Jubilee.

2023 Wisconsin State Frog Jump Championship
Top Ten

10th - 13' 6.5"  Joel Pariseau *
9th   - 13' 7"     Amber Miller
8th   - 13' 7"     Ashley Albinger *
7th   - 13' 7.5"  Liz Kummrow
6th   - 14' 0"     Tom Hernke
5th   - 14' 1"     Danica Wippert
4th   - 14' 1"     Rick Brenning *
3rd   - 14' 5"     Jack Brenning
2nd  - 14' 10.5" Dylan Willis
CHAMPION - 16' 6.5" Cole Bunderson

*Won the Jump Off


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